1.Leadership Camps.  These camps are conducted on All India basis to    bring out the leadership qualities in cadets. There are four Advance Leadership Camps (ALC), one each for SD, JD, SD Naval Wing Boys and SW Girls. Three Basic Leadership Camps are held, one each for SD Boys, SW and  Girls.
            2. National Integration Camps (NIC). These camps are conducted on All India basis and help bridge the cultural gap among various States of India. In  addition, There are five special NICs conduced at Leh, Nagrota (J&K), Chakabama (NCR), Lakshadweep and Port Blair. 
          3   Rock Climbing Camps.  Eight rock climbing camps are held each year to expose the cadets to the basics of elementary rock climbing and to inculcate  spirit of adventure amongst cadets. Four of these camps are held at Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh and other four camps at Nayyardam near Trivandrum in Kerala. 
          4. Thal Sainik Camp (TSC). Two concurrent TSCs are conducted at RD Parade Ground, Delhi Cantt every year. i.e. S D / JD boys and SW / JW girls. 640 Boy and 640 Girls cadets take part in this camps. 
         5. Vayu Sainik Camp (VSC).  This Centrally Organised Camp is organised   for Air Wing Cadets. 600 cadets (420 boys+180 girls) from all Directorates attend the camp. For further details see Air Wing Activities. 
          6. Nau Sainik Camp (NSC). This is held every year at Naval Base Vishakhapatnam. 560 cadets (400 boys +160 girls) from all Directorates attend the camp.