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Allowance ANO/Cadet



          Camp training allowance

            {a} Mess allce for ANOs @Rs 80/-day.

            {b} Mess Allce for NCC Cadet @Rs 75/-day.

            {c} Incidentall Allce for NCC Cadets @Rs 12/-Cadet/ per camps.

            {d} FOL Rs 80/-+ (6% Lubricant) per cadets per camp for DG’s org camp & Rs 55/- per

            Cadet/ per camp for Dte Org camp.

            {e} Rate of Messing Allces for ANOs &NCC Cadets during Special NIC @ Rs 100/- Per Day.



(a)    Out fit Allce                        Rs 1200/- ( one time entire career )

(b)   Out  fit maint  Allce              Rs  400/-year

(c)    Honorarium Allces            SD  Rs 900-1000-1100/- pm (Lt/Capt/Maj)

                                             JD   Rs 700-750-800-850/pm(3rd offrs/2nd /1st offrs/chief offrs)


(d)   Care Taker Allces             SD  Rs 500/pm

                                             JD  Rs 400/pm

(e)   Rank pay                        SD   Lt-Rs 8000/pm

                                                      Capt Rs 9300/pm

                                                      Majar Rs 11300/pm

                                                JD   Third Offrs  Rs  3250/pm

                                                      Second  offrs  Rs 4400/pm

                                                      First Offrs       Rs  5400/pm

                                                      Chief Offrs       Rs  6600/pm